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E-Commerce Service - Supporting Online Vendors 

We offer eXgora.com a vendors onli​ne mar​keting platform 

How To Open Your Online

eXgora is an online market place for vendors who want to start of grow their business. At https://eXgora.com/ there are user friendly tools  and functionalities to get started. Anyone can open a shop and start trading straight away.

The Benefit Of Online Marketing

With the rapid growth in online business and customer presence, the time is ripe for anyone to join the frenzy. Read more here https://exgora.com/blog/ 

Benefits of Online Business

The online  business undertaking attracts extra income and for others this can be full time business model with enamours rewards. Like any business venture time to set up the structure and capital to get started can be daunting. To eliminate the cost of setting up a web site and maintenance, eXgora.com is already packaged and ready to get you on track.  

Best Business Idea

No doubt the best business for any one is one you are passionate about. If you are a vendor erring to stretchy your business to the next level eXgora.com may be the option for you.

Blockchain Business

Embracing Digital Innovation.

Offering Crypto and Digital Assets Services. 

Entertainment Services

Msasa Movies & TV 

Msasa Movies &TV

Msasa TV is our flagship 24 hour streaming service. We broadcast various films, drama, documentary, fashion and our original productions which include Cooking Shows and The Doc Dave Show.  We have 4 channels delivering our services: Msasa-Africa, Msasa-USA, Msasa- Asia and Msasa-UK. Alternatively we broadcast 24 hrs  via the web https://msasa.tv for FREE. 

Msasa APPS

Msasa App is available for Android and iOS.

Download for FREE on Google Play and Apple App store.

Better still, download our TV App on Roku TV and Apple TV. Website: https://msasa.tv/

“Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you'll land among the stars.”

― Norman Vincent Peale